Cartloads of Stories (Xpansion)

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Paper Train by Dheny Patungka for MLMM.

Xpansion 1

This poem is written in response to MindLoveMisery’s Photo Prompt – featuring Paper Train by Dheny Patungka. It’s also written in response to Kirsten Uninterrupted’s challenge for someone to write a poetic form that starts with the letter “X”.

Call this form the “Xpansion”.  I used a lot of (frustrating) spacing and font adjusting in my first example, but I think you could make it work with a little less “tinkering” too:

Xpansion 2

The theory is to have two “columns” of ideas.  Column One introduces an idea (here, examples of stories).  Column Two expands upon Column One (details about the stories).  The columns meet at a drastic turning point (which is centered for emphasis).  After the turning point, the columns exchange places (Column Two comes first, then Column One). Once they’re placed in their new position, the task is to show how the turning point changed the…

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