Rise Up!

The words of Danny Kemp.


Rise Up!    Taken From Anything But Hackneyed, a collection of my early poems.

A chariot carrying ineptitude began the fray,

Slaughtering and killing all that stood in its way.

It came across intellect, and hacked off its head,

Leaving mediocrity to stand there instead.

Ineptitude travelled on, swallowing up the ground,

Always there was a vacant mind easily to be found.

It wedded indifference and the two became one, but there lay the weakness. 

They thought their work had been done.

Up rose conviction, screaming its battle song.

“Mediocrity and indifference are just so wrong!

Where is individuality? When did reasoning depart?

Rise up, join with me, and we will begin to make a start.

We will banish the ordinary, driving apathy away.

Engage again with excellence and we will win the day.”

The war still rages, as victory is incomplete.

It’s you and I that must face it…

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