Ethereal Nature


A traveler in the storm
Massaged by the buffeting wind
Laved by the pouring rain
Dazzled by the blinding lightning
Pulsated by the drumming thunder
Enveloped in the passion
Of elemental forces
Transfigured from flesh to essence.

What ecstasy passes between
biosphere and atmosphere
in these blazing lightning bolts
that riven the bounded sky
and break the barrier of sound,
sending shockwaves
of percussive thunder
that resonate to our bones?

Each climatic day
across the weathered globe
fly clouds of thundering rumbling
numbering forty thousand strong
spawning flashes of brightening lightning
three million blitzing strikes
Arcs of eerie energy and synergy
Measuring two hundred million volts.

Mother Earth and Father Sky
Negative yin and positive yang
engaged in eternal cycles
of endlessly offering and endlessly accepting.
Ever gentle upwellings from ground to cloud
precipitate ecstatic discharge from yang to yin ~
Vapors of water waft to the sky
plunging back…

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