The Saga of Halfdan the Black

Norse viking Warrior

Viking Warrior illustrated by Norwegian concept artist Stian Dahlslett ©

‘Heimskringla’, also called the Norwegian Kings’ Sagas were written down by the Icelander Snorri Sturlason around the year 1220 AD and includes the Saga of Halfdan the Black (c. 810 – c. 860, King c. 830 – c 860)

Halfdan the Black was a powerful king in Eastern and Southern Norway, and the father of Norway’s first king; Harald Fairhair. The reading provides an exciting and interesting insight into the Viking world.

This translation was originally found at, and the text is controlled by ThorNews. The headers are removed when these do not exist in the original version.

Fun fact: Ragnar Lothbrok from the History Channel TV-series ”Vikings” is named after Ragnar Lodbrok in this saga.


Preliminary remarks

Of this saga (Editor’s note: from ‘Heimskringla’) there are other versions found in “Fagrskinna”…

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